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Okay so here' an introduction post on Kanjani∞ and the members as well as some random post. So, let's begin with the members!

Kanjani debut with a total of 8 (obviously) members. why did they name it KANJANI8? becauseeeeee, all the members are from KANSAI which is a region in Osaka thus the KAN, while the JANI part comes from JOHNNY. well, what do you expect? they're japanese, they have weird english pronounciation. and the 8 is because, before they debut, they have a regular tv show on channel 8, thus, the 8. =.=

i seriously think Johnny's had been shitty in naming the group, i mean seriously? (≖ლ≖๑ )フ i probably can still accept this name but sexyzone? the fuck? kiss my feet? the heck? i dont get it.

anyways, like i mention in my other entry (go freaggin read it!) they had to let one member go because he cause some trouble. not to the group. i'll elaborate more on this later.

so, here's the current members;

LOL! im shitting you (⇑ i'll talk more on this laterrrrrr (。•̀ᴗ-)✧)

here's my adorable dorks! i swear both gif are the same people!

okay i'm not doin each member introduction coz you can go and find it on wikipedia (clickyclick!) but i will tho, show you guys each member's charm point (ノ≧∀≦)ノ


gosh i love his smirk! it's so freaking sexy I JUST CANT ASDFGHJKL! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ /dead/

kay, you can see a lot of his smirking face on dorama such as Game Show 2, and Hidarime Tantei Eye. I have a weird fetish of this. gosh!


this is his charm point! he's sooooo small but once you hear him sing! DAMN BOY!


look at that adorable smile and THAT TEETH! its natural so live with it! ε-(‘ヘ´○)┓


he's a do-M and gosh every expression on his face is his charm point. 1000 POINT! i love you maruchan (●♡∀♡)


he's just the most adorable little hairy baby! he's the definition of cute cute CUTE! he's basically the sungmin of the group (´ω`♡%)


obviously his smile is sooooo contagious, you can't just ignore it! SMILE!


he's a BRAT! but he's a brat that i love! he' soooo much like kyu! he whines a lot! but how can you say no to that face?! (;-_-)/

okay that is the members, the members that i learn to know and love. the members that captures my heart and soul. the members that i wish to protect all the time, the members that brings so much laughter into my life. seriously, i love them so much!

okay, so the supposed eight member of the group is known as uchi, google on him to know about him. hahhaha!

okay, so he got kicked out cause he was caught smokin under age and johnny's had to suspend him, but now he's doin a solo career so he's doin fine. i don't really know him cause, i just recently know kanjani, so obviously.

so, kanjani8 is an idol group butttt they're also widely known as a band. like every member play an instrument. yoko's incharge of the trumpet and percussion, baru plays guitar, hina's on keyboard, maru is the bassist (coolest bassist EVAAAA!) yasu's the lead guitar,ryo's also on guitar (they have a lot of guitarist!) and kura is of course incharge of the drum!

go and watch their band session, they're sooooooo cool and even pro musicion speak highly of their band session. i mean, they were even invited to play on the rock festival this year! they're a freaggin idol and no idol had ever been invited to one! (please correct me if im wrong!)

(can't seem to find any band session gif and im too lazy to make one (。•́︿•̀。))


yes! they're a freakin super hero! they had 2 movies on this too! Eight Ranger 1 and 2. basically this was a concert skit that was created by the ever genius yokoyama yuu. they did this thing in their concert and it got so popular that they made a movie out of it. not even a parody and some shit, but a legit superhero movie. i am forever in dept to these entertainment which brigthen my gloomy days.

here's a bunny ranger!

ok so they can also be cool coz they have this other movie which is called 8uppers in which they're assasins and gosh they're so handsome (except for yasu, he's just plain adorable) i just cant!
again, i can't find any gif
now back to that girl group KYA IM SOOO EXCITED!

okay so, it was actually to promote candy crush, idek why the heck they need to dress as girls but like i said, they do whatever they want and they can. okay, so it was actually not their idea to dress as girls but still, they never say never! (SPIDERMAN; HOMECOMING BITCHESSS) that's why i love these dorks. they take whatever it is that was thrown at them.

they even have their name which are, yokoko, subako, murako, maruko, yasuko, nishikiko, and kurako. they're like the BEST GIRL GROUP EVER! /nuffsaid

go to this (clickyclick) journal to see more adorable canjani members!

they did a lot more than what i've mention but i'll probably write more later. jaa ne!

here's a bonus!

onaka no pekopeko! pekorin ko!
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