Maru (1)


My second journal but in case others wants to add me here then just drop a comment and add me then I'll definitely add you back. I'll reveal a little info about me. I'm Koki and I've been an ELF for 3 years for now. My bias is L e e  H y u k j a e  a.k.a  E u n h y u k the monkey/anchovy/jewel boy. I have two OTP as of the moment and it's H a e H y u k and K y u H y u k. Can't decide which one is number one since both is just the same. I don't, I repeat, I don't read any H**k/Hae shits! Thinking about it made me sick! I'll only be posting my updates on my fiction here and my rants on the other journal. If you insisted on adding the other journal then who am I to stop you. Feel free to knock on my journal. I don't bite.

p/s : I moved here for the reason of Donghae joining wgm. I know he's not my bias but I'm not a possessive elf for nothing. Heck! I'm even more pissed of when Kyu joined it!

Sincerely yours,